DHS resumes reporting COVID-19 vaccine data after reporting issues from Walgreens resolved

COVID vaccine

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services has resumed reporting COVID-19 vaccine data for the state after not doing so since November 5 due to data errors from Walgreens.

The health department’s COVID-19 dashboard was updated Thursday to show 58.5% of Wisconsinites have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose and 55.4% have had a complete series. Those numbers are up slightly from the November 5 data update, when 58.1% of Wisconsinites had received at least one dose and 55.1% had a complete series.

In a since-removed notice on the dashboard, DHS said it found data errors “during the course of regular data auditing.” Those errors were “related to corrections Walgreens is currently making to some COVID-19 vaccination records across the country, including in Wisconsin.”

DHS had said it had hoped to resume reporting vaccine data on November 12, a day that came and went without an update.

Dane County continues to lead the state in terms of the percentage of vaccinated residents, with 75.2% of residents having had at least one vaccine dose and 71.8% having had a complete series.