Detroit Lions say UW band donation will come next week

UW band hasn't received contribution promised by NFL player

A Detroit Lions spokesperson said the University of Wisconsin-Madison band will see the significant donation promised to them by one of their players by next week.

Last year, the franchise said center Dominic Raiola would contribute to the program as part of an apology for yelling obscenities at band members.

UW band director Mike Leckrone said Thursday he had not seen a cent of that donation.

“I guess I did expect it for a while, but as the days went by the expectations grew less,” Leckrone said. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s a done deal. I think from the very beginning our approach has been this was an incident that happened, and we’re moving on and we have since moved on.”

Leckrone’s Badger band is preparing to play at Lambeau Field this weekend.  That’s where Raiola insulted the band last year.

“It was mostly directed at a single student,” Leckrone said.

Leckrone said Thursday he wasn’t surprised that the donation had not come in, but he was hoping Raiola would follow through on his commitment.

“It’s always good to have money because we’re kind of self-sufficient in what we do,” Leckrone said.