Gableman contract extended as Wisconsin election investigation is paused due to legal fights

Gableman will receive $5,500 monthly to provide legal counsel to the Assembly while lawsuits over his authority continue

MADISON, Wis. — Republican elections investigator Michael Gableman will remain on the state’s payroll under a new contract reached with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, but the investigation he is leading is being paused while several lawsuits are heard in court.

The former state Supreme Court justice, now investigator, will receive $5,500 per month to finish ongoing litigation around his authority to issue subpoenas as part of his election probe. The new contract does not have an end date and will extend as long as Gableman is party to any ongoing lawsuits.

The Associated Press reports the investigation could resume if courts rule election officials must comply with subpoenas he issued.

There is another current case in Waukesha County that will determine whether Gableman has the authority to jail mayors of Wisconsin cities for refusing to testify in his election investigation.

The mayors of Madison and Green Bay declined to testify in the investigation because Gableman would not depose them publicly, and Gableman filed a motion to have them jailed in Waukesha.

Waukesha County Judge Ralph Ramirez will hold a hearing on the case July 11.

In the new contract, originally reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Gableman will also receive $2,500 per month to cover operating expenses for the office. His $5,500 monthly salary is a cut from his initial $11,000 stipend. Vos said the total price tag of the probe will not exceed the $676,000 original price tag.

Late last month, Vos said he would extend Gableman’s contract after receiving pressure from former President Donald Trump to keep the investigation going. The contract, and investigation, were supposed to end before May.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.