Description, images released in 32-year-old cold case

Decomposed body of woman found on rural road in Columbia County
Description, images released in 32-year-old cold case
The FBI was able to use current technology and create a facial approximation of what Jane Doe looked like back in 1982.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is hoping new DNA information, an approximate description and a facial approximation will help identify the remains of a woman found, according to a release.

The body of a white woman was found badly decomposed along a rural Columbia County Road in the town of Caledonia back in 1982, officials said. She died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Efforts back in the ’80s turned up no information on who she was, so she was buried by Columbia County officials in 1987 as a Jane Doe.

In 2014, Columbia County detectives reopened the cold case as a homicide. Over the summer, county officials worked with the FBI Crime Lab in Quantico, Virginia, in hopes of using DNA technology to compare her against missing people in the Combined DNA Index System.

Officials said they were able to get a DNA profile, but it did not match any missing persons files.

An anthropologist review of the remains was completed and determined that the woman was white, approximately 5 feet 5.5 inches tall, and was at least 45 years old but possibly up to 60 years old. They also determined that she probably had given birth.

Columbia County Sheriff Dennis Richards is looking for information that will lead to identifying the woman. The sheriff’s office has followed up on more than 50 leads, but she still remains unidentified.