State education leaders provide $1.8 billion to Wisconsin schools

Money going toward public schools, special education, transportation costs
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MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction distributed $1.8 billion to schools across the state to support mental health programs.

In a statement, the DPI said the money specifically went towards public schools, special education programs, transportation costs among others.

$1.6 billion of the funding went towards general state aids. This includes Equalization Aids, which is the state’s main public K-12 funding program. $110 million of that money was withheld from districts whose residents are enrolled in private choice schools and new independent charter schools.

This is how the rest of the money was broken down:

  • $117.1 million went to special education aids
  • $14.6 million in transportation aids
    • $13.5 million of that money went toward High Cost Pupil Transportation Aid, which gives additional funding to districts with more transportation costs than the state average
  • $53.1 million to “other categorical state aids” which includes Achievement Gap Reduction and Aid for School Mental Health Programs
  • $9.4 million to High Cost Special Education Aid serving 1,394 public school students