Dental clinic draws dozens for free services

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People with minimal or no health or dental insurance received some basic dental services on Saturday thanks to a Touched Twice Madison event.

The spring clinic at Calvary Gospel Church provided a little bit of everything, from medical and chiropractic care to free clothes, food, and a hot meal.

More than 160 people lined up Saturday morning with some even camping out overnight for the clinic’s free dental services.

During Touched Twice Madison’s last five clinics, local dentists have provided more than $5 million worth of service completely free of charge.

“I personally don’t have dental insurance, and I know that’s the case for a lot of people here today,” said care recipient Andrea Sottile. “That they don’t have the privilege or opportunity to have access to that care without coming to the Touched Twice clinic.”

“By trade, I’m a special education teacher and recently we had a student in our school whose house got burned down with flames and I was able to have the resources ready to get them restarted and resettled,” said Felicia Pendleton of Touched Twice Madison.

All the medical professionals at Saturday’s clinic volunteered their services.

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