‘Demons are in my head’: Bail set at $100K for Rock County man accused of killing his grandmother

JANESVILLE, Wis. – The 37-year-old Rock County man accused of killing his 97-year-old grandmother told police officers and family members he was both seeing and hearing demons at the time.

Jamie Beggs now faces first-degree intentional homicide for allegedly killing his grandmother Kathleen Beggs earlier this month at her home in the Town of Center.

According to a criminal complaint, Beggs had been living with his grandmother prior to her death. On the morning of June 14, the complaint says a third person, whose name has been redacted, but was named in court as the victim’s son, stopped by the home.

According to the complaint, Beggs asked the person if they could “see the demons” before telling them his grandmother was in the garage. The complaint then details the scene of the homicide.

A judge set Beggs’ bail at $100,000 in cash during an initial appearance Friday afternoon. Under his bond, he is not allowed to have contact with the victim’s children, possess a weapon or drink alcohol.

“This is an extraordinarily violent case,” said Rock County Assistant District Attorney Alex Goulart. “This isn’t a ‘whodunnit’ type case.  This is a case where the victim, victim 2, shows up to the house and the only people there are his dead mother, the decedent and the defendant.”

Prior to his arrest, Beggs had 13 previous convictions, including five for domestic violence.

Kathleen Beggs’ other relatives asked the court to consider a stronger bond.

My grandmother was the only person that saw good in Jamie and he destroyed her,” said Kate Fitzgerald, who spoke in court Friday afternoon. “I understand that you, that someone is innocent until proven guilty, but with his history of violence and his history of not showing up to court, I feel that bond should be set upwards of $250,000.”

What difference does it make if it’s $100,000 or $250,000, except for what it looks like in the newspaper?” asked defense attorney Frank Raff. “It could be $10 or Monopoly money.  He has no money to post.  The fact is he’s going to remain in custody until this case is over if the judge sets a cash bail.”

According to the complaint, Beggs told police his grandma was a “martyr” and said her death gave her “sainthood.”

Beggs will make his next appearance in court July 6 at 1 p.m.