Democrats Use Strong Words For Governor’s Agenda

Wisconsin Democrats responded on Friday with some of their strongest words yet to Gov. Scott Walker and his legislative agenda.

Former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk said the governor, since being elected, has triggered months of state Capitol protests and has “literally torn this state apart in the last year”. She also harshly criticized his efforts when it comes to job creation, emphasizing the fact that since the governor’s budget was passed, Wisconsin has endured five-straight months of job losses.

“He chose to give big breaks to corporations and then cut education (by a) huge (amount). It’s not the choices people in Wisconsin want, nor did they think he’d do last fall when they elected him,” said Falk.

As for running for governor should the ongoing recall effort against Walker prove successful, she said though she’s been encouraged to do so, but she hasn’t decided.

“Let?s get the petitions filed first,” she said.