Democrats rip Walker over county, campaign ties

Walker defends coordination between county office, campaign
Democrats rip Walker over county, campaign ties

Democrats are lashing out at Republican Gov. Scott Walker, saying newly released emails show he clearly engaged in illegal campaigning while he was Milwaukee County executive.

Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf revealed an email in court on Monday that indicates Walker ordered top aides on his gubernatorial campaign to coordinate on media strategy with his county staff at 8 a.m. daily. Prosecutors seized the emails in a secret investigation into Walker’s county office.

Walker’s campaign has said elected officials’ campaigns and offices routinely communicate.

The governor responded Tuesday after touring a Christmas tree farm in Oconto. Walker said those daily meetings are necessary to reduce confusion between two offices and correctly address any media or staffing issues.

“The fact of the matter is that’s completely legitimate, individuals coordinating a meeting where you coordinate between scheduling, coordinating who is staffing whom and at what time,” Walker said. “There’s an emergency contact and coordinating in terms of questions from the media. (It) has always been completely legitimate and that’s what he’s talking about I believe.”

But the state Democratic Party issued a release Tuesday saying there’s no doubt Walker himself was involved in criminal activity.

Walker has not been charged with any wrongdoing in the investigation, which has now stretched on for more than two years.

Prosecutors didn’t indicate whether the investigation has wrapped up or continues, nor whether these emails will play any role.