Democrats look to campaign on abortion rights following Roe reversal

MADISON, Wis. — Days after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the abortion precedent set by Roe v. Wade, Democrats took to the campaign trail with the issue.

“It felt like a gut punch,” U.S. Senate candidate Sarah Godlewski said of the decision during a campaign stop in Madison Monday. “I think (what’s) so disconcerting is now half the population in Wisconsin has fewer rights, and Ron Johnson — this is exactly what he wanted.”

Wisconsin Democrats met in La Crosse over the weekend for their annual convention, during which Johnson was a prime target for the candidates hoping to unseat him.

For his part, Johnson is pro-life, but he has not made the issue a centerpiece of his campaign. In May, he voted against a bill backed by Democrats that would have codified abortion rights into federal law.

Godlewski also made outreach to disillusioned Democrats who are frustrated by the slow progress of the party on the issue of abortion.

“What I’m even frustrated about, quite frankly, is with my own party you know,” she said. “We have had 50 years to codify this into law, but for some unknown reason, we just haven’t found the way to prioritize this.”

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This fall would traditionally be a bad year for Democrats as the president’s party generally loses during the midterm elections, but the issue of abortion rights could be a motivating factor for some.