Democrats counter Romney bus tour

Dems say Obama has middle class interests at heart
Democrats counter Romney bus tour

Democrats were in Madison on Sunday protesting the scheduled appearance of Mitt Romney in Janesville on Monday.

Protesters said their bus tour is simply a response to Romney’s bus tour, albeit a preemptive one.

Democrats pointed out their belief that Romney’s tax cuts for the rich will cause him to lose the 2012 presidential election.

They also said that with the deep divisions in Wisconsin, a vote for President Obama means choosing the candidate who has the interests of the middle class at heart.

“This election’s going to come down to who has the best plan for the middle class,” said Brad Woodhouse of the Democratic National Committee. “They want this to be a referendum on the president. It’s not. It’s a choice on who has the best plan for moving forward the middle class.”

At the Madison Labor Temple, Woodhouse was joined by local union leader Mahlon Mitchell and Massachusetts Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein.

Democrats said the results of the recall means that their message needs to be heard loud and clear.

But Republicans counter that Wisconsin, considered by most to be a swing state in the upcoming election, has already proven to be moving toward Romney’s corner.

“Well look, the Democrats can try and play any PR game they want to,” said GOP spokesman Ben Sparks. “But the truth is Wisconsin voters showed they wanted to move our state forward in 2010 when they elected Republicans across the state.”

Gov. Walker and U.S. Representative Paul Ryan are expected to join Romney in Janesville.

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