Democratic nurses protest Leah Vukmir’s health care agenda, Republicans fight back

Vukmir will take on Sen. Baldwin in November
Democratic nurses protest Leah Vukmir’s health care agenda, Republicans fight back

Nurses and health care professionals gathered on the Capitol Square in Madison Thursday morning to oppose what they call Leah Vukmir’s “dangerous health care agenda.”

Vukmir is the Republican U.S. Senate candidate who is trying to unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

The group of nurses are part of the “Leah Vukmir Isn’t For Us” tour, which is organized by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and is traveling to Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Wausau and Green Bay.

“Although I work in critical care, I think every day about the importance of affordable and accessible health care, and now more than ever, I believe Tammy Baldwin is needed in the Senate,” said registered nurse Laura Davis.

Davis continued, “I hear that Tammy’s opponent Leah Vukmir is also a nurse, but honestly I have trouble believing it. Nurses understand the need for affordable and accessible health care in this country.”

Vukmir’s campaign is fighting back against the tour and highlighting her work as a nurse.

“Wisconsin had one of the lowest uninsured rates and a thriving plan for people with pre-existing conditions before Obamacare made costs skyrocket. As a pediatric nurse, Leah Vukmir knows how to lower premiums and increase healthcare quality, but Two-Faced Tammy Baldwin wants a government takeover that would completely destroy healthcare,” said Vukmir’s campaign manager, Jess Ward.

While Baldwin has said the Affordable Care Act guarantees protections for people with pre-existing conditions, Vukmir has said she supports the full repeal of the ACA and wants to replace it with “free-market solutions.”

Mark Morgan, executive director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, said Vukmir’s record is what led her victory in Tuesday night’s primary election.

“Consistently, we have seen from Tammy picking Washington over the people here in Wisconsin, and I think that’s a sharp contrast to Leah’s record where, in the Legislature for the past eight years, she has stood shoulder to shoulder with Governor (Scott) Walker and Republican leaders,” Morgan said.