Democratic faithful gather to hear Michelle Obama

Democratic faithful gather to hear Michelle Obama

Wisconsin residents are lining up in Milwaukee to hear first lady Michelle Obama speak.

Obama was campaigning Monday in Milwaukee for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. Burke is locked in a tight race with Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Most of those lined up outside Milwaukee’s Wisconsin Center say they had already decided to vote for Burke before the first lady’s visit was announced. They describe Mrs. Obama’s visit as a bonus.

“This is the first time I met Mary, but she is all the buzz,” Obama said. “I love her. She is smart, in this for the right reasons, she cares about people, doesn’t care about politics, has been such a passionate champion for our kids and families here in Wisconsin.”

Mequon resident Natasha Smet says she planned to vote for Burke as soon as the former Trek Bicycle Corp. executive announced her candidacy. Smet says the majority of her college education was financed by a scholarship established by Burke’s father and she thinks the candidate comes from “good stock.”

A Burke spokesman and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin confirmed the president will come to Wisconsin to campaign for Burke before Election Day, but they have not set a state or location for the visit.