Democratic candidates support criminal justice overhaul

Democratic candidates support criminal justice overhaul

Democratic candidates for governor are voicing support for an overhaul of Wisconsin’s criminal justice system, saying Gov. Scott Walker has failed to adequately address the root causes of prison overcrowding.

Candidates for governor and lieutenant governor gathered Wednesday for a forum on the issue at a church across the street from the state Capitol.

Many of them voiced support for a bipartisan proposal from Democratic state Rep. Evan Goyke that would soften parole revocation for non-criminal rule violations and reinstate earned release for certain prisoners.

Mahlon Mitchell says he supports “blowing up” the current justice system to enact true reform.

Kelda Roys faulted Walker for being an early supporter of truth-in-sentencing laws that’s led to overcrowded prisons.

And state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout called for taking federal Medicaid money to spend on services to help stop being from going to prison.