Democratic assembly candidates battle it out in Verona

Three candidates fighting for 80th assembly seat
Democratic assembly candidates battle it out in Verona

Education was one of the key topics Monday at a forum at the Verona Senior Center for three candidates running for the 80th Assembly district.

The event was hosted by “PROFS,” or “Public Representation Organization of the Faculty Senate” at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Candidates Charles Uphoff, Joe Wineke and Rep. Sondy Pope-Roberts also discussed education, including supporting research universities.

“I would support any effort, any effort, to help make college more affordable for our students,” said Pope-Roberts.

“What we really need is some legislators with some courage to say that we can have some reasonable tuition and state support,” said Wineke.

“I think we need to, stop looking at education as an expenditure and look at is as an investment,” said Uphoff.

One of the other hot topics at the event included keeping businesses in Wisconsin.

After the Aug. 14th primary, the winner will go on to face Republican Tom Lamberson of Verona in November.