Dementia stabilization unit opens in Monroe

MADISON, Wis. — A new facility in Monroe aims to provide a safety net for people with dementia and their caregivers.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Tuesday afternoon for the O’Rourke Dementia Stabilization Unit. The facility provides medical and psychiatric stabilization for dementia patients with a detailed assessment for those struggling in their homes. It will serve people from Grant, Green, Lafayette and Iowa counties.

Within 28 days, the stabilization team learns a number of details about the patient to try to better understand their behavior. From there, medical experts assess the patient on a variety of categories ranging from medical and psychiatric to social and life enrichment.

Once the patient is ready to go home, their caregivers receive all of that information to help continue their care.

“The hope with this unit is that this model can be recreated all over the state, in their own regions, so that people can stay close to home and be returned to home while they’re being cared for with dementia,” said Maria Johnson, the administrator of the Green County Pleasant View Nursing Home.

The concept for the unit began in 2016; construction began in 2019.