Delivery from the Gulf

Delivery from the Gulf

Most people would be skeptical of buying seafood out of a parking lot truck. And most people would be right to feel that way. But there’s an exception to every rule, and Fabian Seafood is one.

Hailing from Galveston, Texas, the company is as mobile as it gets. The seafood is bought directly from local boats in coolers, and then delivered directly. 

Servicing eleven states, Fabian trucks reach Madison every three to four weeks, with their next anticipated arrival September 4. After a taxing drive, the truck halts in the parking lot of Steve’s Wine Beer Spirits, 3618 University Ave.

A true family affair, the company began with the current proprietors’ aunt and uncle in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Steve Fabian and his brothers invested in 1975 and expanded their customer base to include eleven states around the nation. It didn’t take long for them to stop in Madison, which has been on their go-to list since 1978.

“We do very well in Madison,” Fabian says. During their last visit, the grueling heat didn’t stop customers hungry for fresh seafood—workers counted forty-one people in line during the hundred-degree temps.

Shucked oysters and red snapper are currently abundant. Fresh flounder can be expected after the October cold sets in. And their most popular product, fresh Gulf shrimp, is available through November.

The company does not post its trucking schedule online, as hurricanes often interrupt its intentions, but curious customers can sign up for a mailing list on

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