Delicious Ways to Usher in 2015

Delicious Ways to Usher in 2015
End the year on an elegant note with a gourmet meal.

While the other winter holidays call for staying home and firing up the stove, New Year’s Eve should be a celebration without the hassle. Reminisce about 2014 while sipping champagne and enjoying a special end-of-year meal—and let someone else handle the dishes. Reservations are generally a must at these special New Year’s Eve events. 

?À la carte menu includes scallops, ribeye steak and specialty cocktails. 257-6877. Menu. 

“Glitter chicken” menu with fried chicken, biscuits and more. 467-5051. Details. 

Four-course truffle menu. 284-9378. Menu.

Five-course prixe fixe French dinner, $90. 283-4266. Menu. 

Three-course fixe prixe menu with Upland Brewing pairings, $35. No reservations required. Menu. 

Four-course dinner, followed by live entertainment and a midnight breakfast. Pricing depends on package purchased. 1-800-922-5512. Menu. 

Full buffet and live music, $65. 256-8619. Details

?À la carte menu with fresh seafood. No reservations.

À la carte menu including strip steak and ravioli. 310-4422. Menu. 

Five-course prixe fixe dinner. $50 per person with $30 wine pairings. 283-9580. Menu. 

Three-course dinner, $65 per person with $25 wine pairings. 251-2700. Menu. 

Three-course à la carte dinner including grilled lobster tail and duck confit. 255-6075. Menu. 

Four-course dinner, $75 with $40 wine pairings. Six-course dinner, $95 with $40 wine pairings. Menu. 

Three-course prixe fixe dinner, $60. 441-5444. Menu. 

Five-course prixe fixe dinner, $105 with $45 wine pairings. 251-0500. Menu. 

Five-course prixe fixe dinner, $65. 442-4444.

Three-course prixe fixe dinner, $40. 238-7111. 

Three-course dinner, $50 with $35 wine pairings. Followed by New Year’s Eve Party with DJ Phil Money. 259-9799. 

Five-course prixe fixe truffle dinner with wine included, $85. 255-8376. Menu

Six-course prixe fixe dinner, $85 with $45 wine pairings. 316-3300.

Special holiday menus at both the Stone House and Stable Grill. 273-4900. Menu. 

Five-course prixe fixe dinner, $125 with $60 wine pairings. 204-9000. 

Three-course prixe fixe dinner, $60. 441-1600. Menu. 

Suckling pig and oyster fixe prixe dinner, $65 with $20 soju and sake pairings. 630-9400. Details. 

Special New Year’s Eve menu. 836-1880. Menu.