DeForest man accused in stalking, attempted kidnapping re-arrested on attempted homicide charges

DEFOREST, Wis. — A 19-year-old DeForest man arrested earlier this year on attempted kidnapping and stalking charges was booked into the Dane County Jail Wednesday on attempted homicide charges following new developments in the investigation.

Gabriel Savage was booked Wednesday afternoon on tentative charges of four counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide, attempted first-degree attempted sexual assault of a child with the threat of force, and attempted first-degree sexual assault with the threat of force, according to DeForest police.

Court records indicate Savage posted a $10,000 bond on Wednesday. DeForest police chief James Olson says after Savage was released from jail, investigators were alerted to new information related to the initial investigation which supported new possible charges. Savage was then re-arrested at his home without incident.

The Dane County District Attorney’s Office will be reviewing the new information and may officially charge Savage with the new offenses in the coming days. Court records indicate Savage is scheduled for an initial appearance on his new arrest and a bail bond hearing at 1:30 p.m. on Friday.

DeForest police did not provide details on what the new information discovered in the case was, but did say in a statement that those details will be released when they are legally able to do so.

“Over the course of the investigation, we have remained in contact with the identified victims and are taking all necessary precautions to ensure their safety,” Chief Olson said in a statement Thursday.

Chief Olson echoed those sentiments in a Facebook Live addressed to the DeForest community on Friday morning.

Alleged kidnapping plans

Savage already faced felony charges of stalking and attempted kidnapping stemming from an incident in the spring.

Police said they found Savage on March 20 wearing all black and carrying handcuffs, a semi-automatic rifle and ammunition while sitting in a vehicle near a female acquaintance’s home.

Savage reportedly told officers he was worried about his personal safety, which is why he was carrying roughly 180 rounds of ammunition. Police said he told them he had the handcuffs in case he “had to make a citizen’s arrest” and that he had taken six Lorazepam pills, which is why he was acting lethargic.

He was taken to the hospital before being put into protective custody and taken to the Winnebago Mental Health Institute.

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Five days after his initial arrest, Savage’s parents brought a notebook from inside his vehicle to police. Written inside the notebook were the female acquaintance’s name and address. Police later found more graphic notes, some of which described raping a woman after drugging her or threatening her with a gun, inside Savage’s apartment.

Savage’s mother also reportedly saw more knives and ammunition in his apartment while he was at Winnebago. After he was released from the mental health facility on April 5, he was immediately arrested.

Police said they spoke with the female acquaintance, who knew who Savage was but said she had only had contact with him about two times in the years they knew of each other. She reportedly told police she was afraid he may have planned to kill her or would kill her and her family.

A criminal complaint filed in April said Savage was previously evaluated after allegedly making statements about committing a mass school shooting.