DeForest couple celebrate after being married for 80 years

DeForest couple celebrate after being married for 80 years

A DeForest couple has come to personify many of the vows associated with marriage after celebrating 80 years together.

The year 1932 was a very big year. The original gangster film “Scarface” was released, the Hoover Dam had just being built, Chicago’s Al Capone was sent to prison and the third Winter Olympic Games were held in Lake Placid, N.Y.

It was a year of love, as well. That was the year Alice and Ted Rortvedt got married. Since then, they’ve have a lifetime of stories and memories together.

“To tell you the truth about it, I really don’t know how we got together, to be honest with you,” laughed Ted, who turned 100 last December.

“He had a car,” said 98-year-old Alice. “He could drive me to where I wanted to go! I think I liked the car better than I liked him.”

To this day, Alice still wears her original wedding ring from 1932.

The couple celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary on Wednesday. They spent most of their life with their five children on a farm in Sun Prairie.


Ted and Alice’s marriage was about as unique as their characters. Research showed they’re the second-longest married couple in Wisconsin, by only a few months, and the 17th longest married couple in the world.

“Is that right?” Ted asked.

The pair said that they had no idea how rare their kind of love is.

While a lot has changed in the world these past 80 years, their love hasn’t changed one bit, they said.

Ted and Alice now live in DeForest. They’ve downgraded from a farm, and are now in an apartment, but they still live on their own, and they’re close to their 18 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren, and three great, great-grandchildren.