DeForest community marches for racial justice

DEFOREST, Wis. — Hundreds of people in DeForest marched for racial justice Thursday night around the city’s Fireman Park.

The group marched for about a mile around the park, stopping part way to observe several minutes of silence for the victims of racial injustice. 

Participant and DeForest High School student Dean Wink said he felt compelled to help his community by bringing awareness to the issue.

“Seeing what’s happening face up and face to face it’s hard to stay silent,” Wink said. “I’ve been remaining very educated about what’s going on and it’s hard for me to just sit at home and not be able to be there and feel like I’m doing something.”

He also said it’s important to show that solidarity exists even in smaller communities.

According to organizers the march’s goal is to challenge structural racism, encourage the local police to examine their procedures, and mourn those who have lost their lives to racism.

Masks were made available to all attendees and social distancing was encouraged.