Deerfield High School students organize walkout over concerns about response to threatening TikTok video

DEERFIELD, Wis. — Students at Deerfield High School organized a walkout on Thursday after a threatening video on TikTok sparked concern about safety at the school.

In the video, a student at the school says in part, “I will murder every single one of you. There will be no exceptions.”

Lynzie Wollin, a senior at Deerfield High School, said the video made the classroom feel unsafe.

“In a place where you are meant to be safe, it is becoming one of the most deadly places in America,” she said.

According to Wollin and the other walkout organizers, the student in the video was able to go to class for days after it appeared online.

“It was not handled the way it necessarily should have been,” Wollin said.

District Administrator Michelle Jensen did comment on the student’s consequences but did say that district is investigating the situation.

“It was determined very quickly that we did not believe there was an active threat in this situation,”  Jensen said. “It doesn’t make the situation appropriate, but it does make it very concerning.”

Jensen added that the school communicated with parents through email about the matter.

“An email does not protect you from a bullet,” said Wollin.

Multiple deputies from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office were outside the school on Thursday. A spokesperson said the agency was notified about the situation on Tuesday.

“The initial investigation determined there was no credible danger to the students or staff,” the agency said in a news release. “The Sheriff’s Office takes these matters seriously and continues to investigate after the initial call to determine potential charges and/or whether other professional services are needed. The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is actively working with the Deerfield School District to address any safety concerns.”

The sheriff’s office also encouraged anyone with information about a school threat to report them to the Speak Up, Speak Out system.