Deer causes about $5,500 in damage at UW-Stout

Deer crashes through window
Deer causes about $5,500 in damage at UW-Stout
Damage done by a deer to a building at UW-Stout

Authorities at the University of Wisconsin-Stout say a deer crashed through a window into a building this week, causing about $5,500 in damage. One staffer was bruised when he jumped out of its way, but no one was seriously hurt.

Officials at the Menomonie school said the eight-point buck was being chased by a dog Wednesday afternoon when it jumped through a window of the Vocational Rehabilitation building. The deer scrambled down a hallway before running back outside through a set of automatic doors.

Stout spokesman Doug Mell said authorities tried to track it as it ran through campus but they lost it when the blood trail ended.

He said there was a lot of blood. The damage estimate includes the cost of cleaning the blood and repairing the window.