Declaring Madison immigration friendly is important statement

Declaring Madison immigration friendly is important statement

Just when we were starting to feel a little frustration that Mayor Paul Soglin and the Madison City Council were again struggling to agree on how best to lead our city…the two entities found a way to agree.

And they did so not just on a symbolic statement of welcome for immigrants but on a reasonable and humane approach to panhandling and other potentially unsafe activities on city street medians.

Both issues were more challenging than one might think, and rightfully so.

Declaring Madison “immigration friendly,” is an extremely important statement and we respect and appreciate Alder Shiva Bidar-Sielaff’s commitment to making that statement. Some minor tinkering was all that was needed to meet mayoral and city attorney concerns. Well done.

And the new panhandling ordinance is a nice piece of collaborative policy-making as well.

We appreciate the effort that went into all of this. We need to tell our elected officials when they do a good job. And they just did.