Deal proposed to fix deteriorating Hwy. PD

Deal proposed to fix  deteriorating Hwy. PD
Shawn Pfaff, Fitchburg Mayor

There is no debate about whether Highway PD should be repaired; the question is how it should be done.

County Highway PD is rapidly deteriorating, and city of Fitchburg and Dane County officials agree something must be done.

The county has a $1.4 million proposal that would replace the road with a new, 6-inch asphalt base.

Fitchburg Mayor Shawn Pfaff has sent a letter to county leaders asking them to rethink the plan that would have the city take over maintenance of the road after five years.

Pfaff said traffic projections for the road show a dramatic increase in the next 20 years. The mayor questions whether the plan put forward by the county will meet the long-term needs.

“We believe that either of the scenarios that we’ve put forth are more than adequate for at least a couple more decades,” said County Executive Joe Parisi. “So from where I sit we have an agreement with the majority of the Fitchburg City Council.  I think this is an opportunity to go in there, and get this done and remove this headache from our consumers.”

The Fitchburg City Council will discuss the offer from the county at its meeting on March 11. 

Both the city and the county want any repair work done on Highway PD to be finished this year.