Deadline to re-certify teachers’ union approaches

Union needs majority of eligible voters to vote yes for recertification
Deadline to re-certify teachers’ union approaches

Election Day is over, but it’s still election season for the Madison teacher’s union, and union leaders are urging their members to vote to re-certify.

As a condition of Gov. Scott Walker’s Act 10 legislation, unions are required to re-certify each year.

The union not only needs a majority of those voting to be re-certified, they need a 51 percent majority of all eligible union members, which is a challenge as the deadline to re-certify approaches.

That deadline is Nov. 25 at noon.

“We had a lot of people yesterday who didn’t vote in that election, and we can’t have that in a recertification election. They have to vote if they want to continue to be represented,” Madison Teacher’s Inc. Executive Director John Matthews said.

If the five bargaining units that represent some 4,700 employees don’t get a 51 percent majority vote of all eligible voters, it would no longer be able to bargain base wages for members.

“If they want us to continue to represent them in bargaining wages, they need to make sure that they vote because it isn’t just a majority of those who vote, it’s a majority of those who are eligible to vote,” Matthews said.