DCHS welcomes 30 new dogs

MADISON, WIS. — The Dane County Humane Society welcomed 30 new dogs Monday morning.

The dogs were transferred from overcrowded shelters in both Wisconsin and Alabama.

Director of Development and Marketing Amy Good said DCHS receives about 20 to 40 transferred dogs every week.  

“For dogs we have a lot of capacity,” Good said. “We have a lot of families in Dane County looking to adopt dogs.”

The demand for dogs in Dane County is so high, visitors can expect wait times of up to an hour on weekdays and two hours on the weekends to visit with the dogs one on one.

Two of the dogs that made their way into Madison have already been adopted.

“As soon as we post things on Facebook, a lot of times people do come in very quickly. And a lot of people are watching our website as well,” said Good.

Last year alone, over 4,000 dogs were adopted from DCHS. 1,600 of those dogs were transferred in from other shelters.

DCHS regularly partners with the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to transfer dogs into the Madison location.

DCHS does also receive cats transferred from other shelters. Last week the center received 16 cats that have almost all been adopted.

If you’re interested in adopting a forever friend, visit DCHS for more information.

For those not looking to adopt but wish to help, DCHS encourages supporters to donate. volunteer or even share a Facebook post of adoptable animals.