DCHS: Swan’s internal damage was too serious to save

DCHS: Swan’s internal damage was too serious to save

The swan that the Dane County Humane Society was raising money to save will have to be put down.

The Dane County Humane Society Wildlife Center was trying to raise $1,710 to treat a swan that was suffering from lead poisoning.

The swan was found New Year’s Eve on Lake Mendota. The Wildlife Center reports the swan was on the lake during a particularly cold night, all alone, and showing signs of distress. Neighbors were worried she would freeze to death.

After taking in the swan for testing, the Wildlife Center said the swan is suffering from dangerously high levels of lead, and has a foreign object that looks like fishing tackle in her stomach.

During a veterinary appointment Friday, they discovered that part of the fishing tackle had migrated to the bird’s small intestines and perforated the intestinal wall.

Humane Society officials said with such serious internal damage, the only option to limit the swan’s suffering was humane euthanasia.

This was the second bird the Wildlife Center treated for lead poisoning in a week The other bird was a bald eagle that died because of the lead poisoning, despite being treated by the Wildlife Center.