DCHS looks for ‘purr-fect’ home for cat, dog duo

DCHS: Unlikely cat-dog-duo adopted together
Candy, JJ

DCHS looks for ‘purr-fect’ home for cat, dog duo

The Dane County Humane Society is asking for the community’s help in adopting an unlikely pair.

Candy and JJ are a cat-and-dog duo. They’ve lived together for years, but they were torn apart when their owners were killed in a violent domestic dispute. Kevin and Julie Herskind were found dead in their town of Bristol home in mid-September.

Authorities said Kevin Herskind shot and killed Julie and one of their dogs before committing suicide.

“We see animals come to us in a lot of ways,” said Gayle Viney, spokesperson for the Dane County Humane Society. “But I can’t think of any other case that’s been this unique.”

Candy and JJ had to be separated when they first came into the shelter, but staff quickly realized how stressed the two became.

“It’s especially hard for senior animals,” said veterinarian Erica Schumacher. “I always feel worse for the senior animals that end up here. They’re oldies but they’re goodies — they deserve a chance.”

Once workers realized what was happening, they started letting Candy and JJ meet up in an office at the shelter.

“After being apart for two weeks, it was really a heartwarming thing to see them come back together and greet each other,” said Viney.

Now the humane society is trying to place the two up for adoption together. Workers said Candy and JJ are bonded and they know they’re the happiest together.

“We don’t know exactly how many years they have left,” said Viney. “But we want them to have the chance to live out those years in a loving home.”

Even though Candy has mild kidney disease, Dr. Schumacher said she seems well. The DCHS is holding a promotion with 50 percent off dog and cat adoptions Friday, Saturday and Sunday.