DATCP and DFI give tips to avoid Giving Tuesday scams

MADISON, Wis. – Many Wisconsin organizations will be asking for financial support this week for Giving Tuesday.

While the day is a chance for philanthropy, it is also a chance for scammers to prey on good Samaritans.

The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions and the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection offered a list of tips Monday to ensure your money goes to the organizations you choose.

“With a little research and a few precautions, you can help ensure your donations will be used as intended and go to organizations that are genuinely serving others,” DFI Administrator Patti Epstein said.

Here are some best practices for if you receive a call, email, or text asking for a donation:

  • Never make a payment over the phone
  • Never click on links or attachments from senders you do not know
  • Avoid making cash, cash apps, cryptocurrency, or wire transfer donations as these transactions are irreversible
  • Be on the lookout for imposter links or accounts. Always check for misspellings which may give imposters away
  • If you don’t recognize a name or number, ask who you are speaking with
  • Ask for the name, address, and phone number of any organization asking for a donation
  • Ask about how your donation will be used
  • Ask to be sent written material about the organization

The DFI and DATCP also provide further resources on charitable giving on their websites.