Darlington aims for night football in 2015

Martens donates $50,000
Darlington aims for night football in 2015

Darlington has played their football games under the light of the sun for nearly a century. The tradition was started by Hall Of Fame coach Walter “Wadz” Martens, and remains so today.

Friday, Wadz’s youngest son, Ted, aimed to change that. Ted donated $50,000 to Darlington High School to begin fund raising to get lights for the football field. Former Darlington coach, and current principal, Doug McArthur says, despite Wadz’s wishes to have football played during the day, Ted made it clear that his father would be proud. 

“The important message that Ted shared is this: My father loved tradition and thought the game should always be played during the afternoon. But there’s a time in everyone’s life that you have to make a change. This is the time to make that change.”

The school needs to raise another $110,000 by May 1, 2015 to make sure the lights are up and running by the start of the 2015 season. 

In division six level one playoffs, Darlington hosts Racine Lutheran Saturday at 2 p.m.