Dangerous algae blooms on area lakes impacting businesses

Dangerous algae blooms on area lakes impacting businesses

About half of the public beaches in Dane County are open this morning as potentially toxic algae blooms continue to be a problem in our area lakes. Right now, swimming is not suggested off the Memorial Union piers, near Tenney Park, and all along Lake Monona.

Shops like Brittingham Boats along Lake Monona rely on people coming out to the water for business to run smoothly, and with the recent beach closures and algae blooms people have been hesitant to do so.

Low winds, high temperatures, direct sunlight, and heavy rain have caused blue-green algae to bloom on several lakes, Including Mendota, Monona, Waubesa, and Kegonsa.

The Clean Lakes Alliance says the state of the lakes this year has been the worst they’ve seen in recent history. Luckily, the general manager of Brittingham Boats says people are still renting from him to use out on the water, although customers have been concerned.

“We’re getting a lot more phone calls of very concerned people which is a great thing,” said Stephan Reinke of Brittingham Boats.” I love that people are engaging with the lakes and being active and concerned for them. That’s awesome!”

Public Health Madison and Dane County test the water regularly during the summer months and update their beach conditions website when conditions change.

Officials say that conditions change quickly, especially with the fluctuating temperatures, so they warn that test results may not reflect real-time water quality.

Find the latest beach conditions in Dane County here.