Dane County’s mask mandate begins

MADISON, Wis. — Don’t forget a face mask or covering when heading out the door in Dane County on Monday morning; a new mask mandate is now in effect.

The mandate went into effect at 8 a.m. Monday. Everyone over the age of 5 will be required to wear something that covers their mouth and nose whenever they’re in an enclosed space that’s not their home.

(Learn how to make your own mask — without sewing — here.)

That includes all businesses, health care settings and public transportation.

You can take the mask off when you’re seated and eating at a restaurant but you should still be six feet from another table.

People with physical, mental or developmental conditions that prevent them from wearing masks are also exempt.

Dane County officials say they’re putting together what they call a “complaint team” that will respond to complaints and first try to educate people or businesses that don’t comply. If they still don’t comply after that, they’ll be subject to a $376 fine in Madison, or $263.50 outside the city.

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