Dane County Waste Management wants to purchase a portion of Yahara Hills Golf Course for new landfill

Dane County Waste Management says their landfill is running out of room. Specifically, 2030 is when it is expected to be at capacity.

Their proposed solution: to buy 18 of the 36 Holes of the publicly owned Yahara Hills Golf Course.

Dane County’s Waste Management director, John Welch, believes this potential solution is the best the county has at their disposal.

“We will work closely with our partners to try and take a landfill that people avoid and turn it into a space that can be a community resource,” explained Welch. “People throw stuff away but there really is no away. Our goal is to continue providing waste management for our county.”

Overall, the first phase of the potential plan would cost around $32 million dollars. 

All 36 holes of Yahara would remain open for the first two years of the plan. However, by year eight the eastern half of the course would transform into a state of the art waste management facility.

Welch isn’t just wanting this new space to be used as a landfill. He hopes it provides other resources as well, calling it a “sustainability campus” where the public would have access to things such as an education center on how waste management works and even provide work spaces for businesses.

Overall: Welch hopes this proposal will be approved by next summer. Phase one of construction would begin in about two years
time, while actual completion of the first phase would be around year eight.