Dane County Syrian refugee withdraws request for emergency action on travel ban

Documents: Travel ban didn't affect refugee
Dane County Syrian refugee withdraws request for emergency action on travel ban

A Syrian refugee from Dane County has withdrawn his emergency request in a federal court to force the government to resume processing asylum applications for his wife and daughter.

Vincent Levy, the attorney for the refugee, confirmed to News 3 that after seeing information from the federal government in a court filing Friday that the asylum applications were still being processed in a Nebraska center, they are withdrawing their motion for an emergency stay to President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

The refugee had filed for derivative asylum for his wife and 3-year-old daughter who are still in Aleppo, Syria, and had claimed their applications were suspended under the executive order issued by President Trump in January.

In documents filed in federal court at noon on Friday in response to a lawsuit filed earlier this week, government officials claim that an executive order signed by President Donald Trump in late January did not affect the processing of asylum petitions for the man’s family.

“Based on a preliminary review, it does not appear Plaintiff’s derivative petitions were affected by the January 27, 2017, Executive Order,” the court filing states.

Judge William Conley said in an order Friday that the issue was “moot” given the government’s update on the asylum applications.

Levy noted that should new information come to light that the applications were being held up, or should a new executive order from the Trump administration take similar action, they would renew the motion for emergency action. Conley said his ruling would not prohibit any new legal motions from happening.