Dane County slightly behind on recount heading into day four

MADISON, Wis.– Tabulators in Dane County are playing catch-up today, hoping to make significant progress on recounting more than 300,000 votes.

The Dane County Board of Canvassers made it through about a quarter of the ballots going into today, according Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell.

“Where we started to now is just much, much better,” McDonell said.

The county is shifting to recount some of the larger communities in Dane County.

“Monona, Verona, Stoughton. We’ll be getting to Sun Prairie soon, and then hopefully, in the next day or so, we’ll start in on Madison,” McDonell said.

There are nearly 350,000 ballots to count, many from those specific communities.

“It’s just the volume is picking up,” McDonell said.

McDonell said the tabulators are moving faster and the observers know what to look for.

“The objections are clearly into predictable categories around the witness signature, witness address, voter signature, initials of the clerk. So, we’re able to get through those objections quicker,” McDonell said.

News 3 Now asked several observers from both sides what they’re seeing, but none wanted to speak.

McDonell said there’s likely many days left before this recount is complete.

“I don’t see any way we won’t be working past Thanksgiving,” McDonell said. “However, I think we still plan on taking Thanksgiving off.”

He said all parties agree on a quick and fair recount.

“We want to complete this as soon as possible, while preserving the transparency of being able to see every ballot and every envelope,” McDonell said.

McDonell said he will have a better idea of how far behind counting is by the end of the day.