Dane County Sheriff’s Office talks ’48 Hours’ Halderson episode

MADISON, Wis. — Two Dane County Sheriff’s Office detectives will be featured in an episode of 48 Hours airing this weekend on CBS covering the disappearance of Bart and Krista Halderson.

The lead detectives on the case were interviewed by 48 Hours correspondent Erin Moriarty for the episode, which will tell the story of the couple’s disappearance over the Fourth of July weekend of 2021. Their son Chandler, who originally reported them missing, was later convicted of murdering and dismembering them.

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Sheriff’s office public information officer Elise Schaffer says the agency did not take the decision to participate in the episode lightly and only agreed to do the show because the 48 Hours team said they would not include graphic details about the murders.

“They were extremely thorough in making sure that they stuck to the facts and are not going to sensationalize the case, which was one of our concerns going into this,” Schaffer said.

She says their main concern was with the Halderson family.

Our detectives still maintain that relationship with the Halderson family, and their well-being and their feelings are always top priority,” said Schaffer. “That was really something that was important to everyone is to just highlight Bart and Krista and what great people they were.”


Schaffer says she worked closely with the 48 Hours team to make sure the story was done right.

I probably spoke to their producer weekly during this,” said Schaffer. “They worked with our records staff. I mean, they have just gone above and beyond to make sure that what they’re reporting on is factual news.”

She also says she hopes the episode will highlight the work law enforcement did to quickly solve the case.

“Our purpose was to really shine a positive light on law enforcement and the work that was done and really not focus so much on some of the tragedy involved in this case,” said Schaffer.

The one-hour episode will air on Saturday at 9 p.m. on WISC-TV and will stream on Paramount+. The episode will also be available online here after it airs.