Dane County sheriff visits White House, Trump

Dane County sheriff visits White House, Trump
Via Twitter

Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney was part of a group of sheriffs from around the nation that met with President Donald Trump at the White House this week.

Trump tweeted a photo Tuesday morning saying he met with the National Sheriffs’ Association Tuesday. According to Getty, Trump met with the group in the Roosevelt Room.

Mahoney said that the one-hour meeting, which also included Vice President Mike Pence, was pleasant and the conversation was wide-ranging.

Mahoney, who is part of the NSA’s executive board, said the group talked about a number of issues, including addressing the growing issue with heroin use around the country, along with the problems with prescription drugs. Mahoney said they also talked about the issues that are causing county jails to be the largest provider of mental health services around the country.

Mahoney specifically brought up immigration.

“He (Trump) committed to look into all of these issues that were heard from our nation’s sheriffs, including my issue in Dane County, which is the fact that we really need to acknowledge productive immigrant families within our communities who need protections of becoming U.S. citizens,” Mahoney told News 3.

Mahoney said the president told him he’s committed to look at all the issues involved in immigration. The sanctuary city issue didn’t come up during the meeting, Mahoney said.

“I give him credit for inviting us in to talk today, even though there are issues we don’t agree on,” Mahoney said. “The proof will be in the pudding as we move forward, so to speak, to see what resources are made available to law enforcement to address these issues that I just spoke to.”

The NSA called its meeting with Trump productive. Mahoney was in the capital this week for the NSA’s conference, Dane County sheriff’s spokeswoman Elise Schaffer said.

Mahoney said it was an honor to be in the White House, no matter who is president. Mahoney said he has visited the White House during the Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama presidencies as well.

Trump received a statue as a gift from his guests, Getty said.