Dane County invests $2.2 million in Henry Vilas Zoo facility

Bathrooms to receive an upgrade
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Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced that through his proposed capital budget, Dane County will renovate the bathrooms at the Henry Vilas Zoo, according to a release.

With 800,000 visitors a year, the bathroom stalls were deemed “less than adequate.”

The lower restroom is more than 30 years old and the roof is collapsing. The $2.2 million project would replace the building with a new structure complete with more stalls and urinals, a family area, a breastfeeding area, more handicapped stalls, LED lighting and other green features.

Parisi is allocating $1.3 million in his budget to update the zoo’s bathrooms, while previous budget investments will cover the rest of the cost.

With the addition of the Arctic Passage exhibit, the zoo has reached the highest attendance in its 106-year history.

“The Henry Vilas Zoo has become a destination for families across Wisconsin,” Parisi said. “With the dramatic increase in our attendance, our Zoo must accommodate all those who visit.”