Dane County Executive Parisi unveils $834 million budget for 2023

MADISON, Wis. — Dane County Executive Joe Parisi outlined his 2023 budget Monday.

The $834 million plan includes funding to continue some county programs and expand others.

“We will continue to respond to the moment and do all we can for the well-being of all in our community,” Parisi said. “My 2023 budget continues progressive investments in our quality of life and pairs them with visionary approaches to confronting our challenges.”

Parisi highlighted efforts in specific areas, including housing, mental health services and conservation.

The budget sets aside $6 million for a men’s homeless shelter in Madison on Bartillon Drive. The move brings the county’s total contribution to the shelter to $9 million. $6 million is also marked for the Dane County Affordable Housing Development Fund.

Parisi’s plan gives $1 million to fund the “Building Bridges” program, which places mental health teams in area schools. There is also $185,000 included to expand the program at schools in Madison and Sun Prairie.

The budget adds a $1 million investment to the Dane County Crisis Triage Center, which gives 24/7 care to people experiencing a mental health crisis.

“Nowhere is the need greater for access and sensitivity to mental health care than in our criminal justice system,” Parisi said. “This issue is top of mind for Sheriff Barrett and I thank him for his commitment.”

The new budget would create the Dane County Department of Justice Reform and Equity, which will work to develop data-driven reforms for local law enforcement offices.

“The time has come to cement our commitment and state, unequivocally, that criminal justice reform work must be forever a priority of Dane County government,” Parisi said.

Parisi also included $4.5 million to develop and install carbon capture technologies and $2 million to move forward with the “Suck the Muck” initiative at Door Creek.

Under the new plan, the operating budget would be $712.6 million and the capital spending plan would be $121.4 million. Taxes on the average Madison home would be raised by just over $30.