Dane County community supports Sun Prairie family after fire

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SUN PRAIRIE, Wis.– The Dane County community stepped up overnight to make sure a Sun Prairie family had a place to go and food to eat after a fire destroyed its home.

Nearly 20 people aren’t sleeping in their own beds tonight after an unattended cooking fire in a Sun Prairie duplex left roughly $80,000 in damages, according to a preliminary investigation. This includes a family of nine.

Boys and Girls Club of Dane County CEO Michael Johnson immediately took point on coordinating efforts to help this family.

Johnson said the family moved into two hotel suites Saturday afternoon, which include breakfast, laundry and a full kitchen.

Co-owner and president of Metcalfe’s Market, Tim Metcalfe, helped the family fill up shopping carts of groceries this morning after Johnson reached out to him on Friday.

“Tim cuts me off: ‘Mike bring them to my store, let them get whatever they need and I will pay for all their coats, boots and clothes until additional help arrives,'” Johnson posted on Facebook.

Metcalfe said he didn’t even hesitate to help a family who “lost everything.”

“The holiday season is all about, it’s about coming together as a family, coming together as a community, and then taking care of those people that need our help the most,” Metcalfe said.

Johnson said he took the family shopping for clothes and gifts at Target this afternoon, where the store offered a 70 percent discount.

Johnson said SunShine Place will also provide food and clothing.

Johnson said Sun Prairie Schools and Madison School Board President Gloria Reyes will coordinate to provide long term support for the family.

Paulo Delgado organized a GoFund Me page in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County to benefit the family.

“(Johnson) messaged me this morning asking if I could help set up a GoFund Me, and I went right ahead and did that,” Delgado said.

Delgado is the creator of the Dane County Neighbors Helping Neighbors Facebook group, where people ask for or offer help on a daily basis. That’s why he knows that often times giving comes full circle.

“If you’re helping people in your best times, then other people are going to be helping you in your worst,” Delgado said.

Donations can also be made directly to the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County. Funds will be used to pay for gas, food, cell phone bills and hotel costs.

Johnson said donations will also be used to provide Christmas gifts for the five children.