Dane County Board of Supervisors votes to support UW nurses effort to unionize

MADISON, Wis.– Dane County Board of Supervisors voted yes on a resolution that throws the board’s support behind a group of UW nurses fighting to form a union.

Shari Signer, an in-patient float nurse at UW, said a vote of support is a step forward in their effort.

“It means that they value us as nurses. They value what we do. They respect the fact that things have not been good in the hospital, and they want to try and make a difference for us,” Signer said.

Signer said the nurses have also received an outpouring of support from community members and patients.

“They said they stand with us. They’re behind us. They want to see these changes,” Signer said.

Some supervisors in support recalled moments when nurses were there for them.

“I think if we keep advocating and keep pressure on the UW hospitals and clinics, than we can get a really good outcome here,” Supervisor Yogesh Chawla said.

Previously, UW Health said the hospital cannot recognize the union as a representative.

Signer is hoping changes will follow the support.

“That they start to listen, and they start to make the changes that they know they should,” Signer said.