Dane County athletes tackle the big races

Madison runners participated in Boston Marathon
Dane County athletes tackle the big races
Photo by Timothy Hughes

Madison is seasoned at hosting the Wisconsin Ironman – considered by many to be one of the most challenging and best Ironman courses in the world. Runtri.com recently ranked the Wisconsin Ironman course as the second-toughest out of the 25 courses worldwide. Madison won “best host city experience” in 2017 among other top honors at the Ironman Athlete’s Choice Awards.

Of the nearly 2,900 participants from 48 states and 27 countries, Wisconsin is best represented. Last year 785 entrants were from Wisconsin and 142 of them were Madison residents. The event draws some 30,000 spectators and generates $3.2 million in direct spend annually.

The Boston Marathon, the most prestigious 26.2-mile running race in the U.S., is also a huge draw for local runners. Given the fact that you first need to run another marathon fast enough to qualify to run the Boston Marathon, it’s impressive that 79 runners from the Madison area earned the right to line up for the Boston race last April. The Boston Marathon entry list included 429 participants from Wisconsin.

Local participation in the 2017 Wisconsin Ironman
142 from Madison
16 from Fitchburg
25 from Middleton
12 from Monona
5 from Stoughton
18 from Sun Prairie
21 from Verona

Local Participation in the 2018 Boston Marathon
44 from Madison
5 from Fitchburg
12 from Middleton
3 from Monona
3 from Stoughton
6 from Sun Prairie
6 from Verona

Source: Digital Media Manager for the Boston Athletic Association