Dane Co. clerk expects to finish Presidential election recount Sunday

MADISON, Wis. — As the Dane County recount of the Presidential election results enters its 7th day, the county’s clerk says he expects to finish the recount over the weekend.

Tweeting an update Friday morning, Dane County clerk Scott McDonell says the recount is 65% done as the county hits the one week mark in the recount. McDonell says he expects to finish the recount on Sunday, two days before the deadline for Wisconsin to certify its election results. So far, very little has changed from the canvassed results, he said.

Both Dane and Milwaukee counties began their recount processes last Friday and took Thanksgiving Day off; Milwaukee finished their count Friday evening. Both have also seen their processes slowed by multiple challenges by the Trump campaign.

“As the week has gone on, it’s gotten faster. The observers know what they’re looking for, the tabulators have gotten quicker. We’ve been able to find more ways to be efficient as we’ve gone along, so definitely today is moving along very smoothly,” McDonell said Friday.

Some of the key Trump campaign objections include about 19,000 indefinitely confined absentee ballots, as well as the roughly 16,000 absentee ballots returned during Madison’s Democracy in the Park event. UW-Madison political science professor Ken Mayer says a longstanding legal principle could get in the way of any serious challenges where voters were following the existing election law.

“If voters were acting on what they were told…the solution is not to toss out their votes,” Prof. Mayer said. “It’s to find a solution

The end of the recount could be just the beginning of legal challenges. A conservative group is asking the state Supreme Court to allow Wisconsin’s GOP-led legislature to choose their own electors.

“The lawsuit that was filed basically seeks to completely overturn the election,” Mayer said. “They’re making factually ludicrous claims.”

Ann Jacobs, chair of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, is scheduled to certify the statewide election results on Tuesday, December 1.

The entire recount process has been open to the public and livestreamed online.