CVS’s Healthy Decision

Kicking the habit
CVS’s Healthy Decision

 It simply can’t be easy for a company to decide to implement a new policy that will cost it roughly $2 Billion each year, even a company as big as giant drugstore chain CVS Caremark. But CVS has decided to phase out the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products by late this coming Fall despite the financial hit and we thank them for that decision.

This country has made major strides in reducing the use of tobacco products that still kill almost a half million Americans each year. Some of that is due to stricter regulations, some to cost and some to education. But not a lot of it has come from businesses deciding that making cigarettes harder to get, or impossible to get in this case, was the responsible thing to do.

CVS has made the decision that a company dedicated to better health should not be selling cigarettes. It’s smart and it’s right. And we hope that decision will influence consumer decisions about where to shop for their health care product needs.