Customers step in to help Madison business after fraud

Customers step in to help Madison business after fraud

A Madison business that lost more than $100,000 from fraud is getting a little help from its patrons this week.

Renee Raspiller says she lost that money when a former employee embezzled her business. The fraud happened three years ago, but Raspiller said that ex-employee still hasn’t seen justice, as the case has yet to make it to the courts.

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said his office is working on the case. Prosecutors recently asked Madison police for more follow-up information and are waiting to hear back, according to Ozanne. He also pointed to procedure and an under-staffed office for the delay.

“I understand the system will move slower than victims would like,” he said. “The reality is this – we get one shot at criminal prosecutions.”

After News 3 shared her story, customers decided to step in and start a letter campaign to help push the DA to prioritize her case.

“[Javacat] is really a community-oriented place,” said Cara Erickson, a customer and former Javacat employee. “The community wouldn’t care about Javacat if Javacat didn’t care about the community.”

Erickson is one of several who plan on sending letters to the DA.