Customers concerned about Mount Horeb McDonald’s cleanliness

Customers concerned about Mount Horeb McDonald’s cleanliness

Customers are concerned about the cleanliness of the Mount Horeb McDonald’s.

One woman’s Facebook post with images of the restaurant she described as “disgusting” has been shared more than a thousand times.

Officials say it tends to get more violations than the average restaurant, including mouse droppings found last month and general uncleanliness, like soiled floors and grease build-up.

When Mazomanie resident Natalie Beil took her child to the McDonald’s earlier this week, she was blown away, and not in a good way.

“I have never experienced this in a fast-food restaurant before. This was above and beyond,” she said. “It just kept accumulating. It wasn’t one thing or another. It seemed to be everything in there.”

She took pictures of the restaurant’s conditions she called “filthy,” including a dirty bathroom, overflowing garbage receptacles and ants in the play place.

“That was like, ‘holy cow, this is way worse than I thought it was,” Beil said.

When she posted the images to Facebook, hundreds of commenters chimed in — many sharing similar stories, including mother-of-two Stephanie O’Rourke.

“I wasn’t shocked, but I was disgusted,” she said.

The Mount Horeb resident used to frequent the restaurant.

“The play place smelled like urine, and it’s just filthy all the time,” O’Rourke said. “I don’t plan on returning until something’s done.”

“It’s chaos. It’s complete chaos,” Mount Horeb McDonald’s Manager Stephen Crowe said.

He said despite his efforts to turn the place around, he’s run into roadblocks like being understaffed.

“We need management to be overhauled,” Crowe said. “We need to start off with fresh staff.”

He also said in the more than a year he’s worked there, the store hasn’t been cleaned nearly as often as it should be, including the play place.

“That’s supposed to be cleaned a couple times a day,” Crowe said. “They do come in every now and then and pressure-wash everything, but I don’t know, that hasn’t happened since I’ve been here.”

Crowe filed a complaint about the restaurant’s cleanliness with Public Health Madison & Dane County in February, and resigned from his position Thursday.

Beil filed a complaint as well.

“I was concerned,” said Beth Cleary, environmental health supervisor with Public Health Madison & Dane County. “I would say two complaints on the same restaurant in one year is unusual.”

Cleary said an inspector responding to Beil’s complaint found the violations seen in her Facebook post this week and wrote orders to fix things.

“I would 100 percent give it a second chance if the situation was addressed,” Beil said.

A statement from the Mount Horeb McDonald’s owner said, “Providing a clean restaurant environment is always a top priority for us. We are committed to following the highest standards in our restaurants. We have worked closely with the health department to address any concerns.”

The health inspector will go back next week to check up on the restaurant’s violations, none of which were close to getting it shut down.