Current redistricting system is broken, unfair

Current redistricting system is broken, unfair

The drumbeat for reform of the redistricting process in Wisconsin has certainly grown. At the urging of as many as eight editorial boards across Wisconsin, good government groups have gotten support and citizens have raised their voices.

The current system of redrawing political boundaries every 10 years is broken, rigged, unfair and undemocratic.

So can you name one lawmaker running for office in two weeks who has had the courage and integrity to make government reform a campaign priority? Us either.

We’re disappointed, but we’re not discouraged. In some ways it feels like the tide is turning and reform is inevitable.

But it remains disheartening, and illustrative that most candidates running for office, including the two major candidates for governor, cannot make a new, fair, non-partisan, clean government approach to redistricting part of their appeal to voters. They claim the voters don’t care. We think what voters want to know is why the candidates don’t care.