Cumberland school administrators channel Backstreet Boys in snow day video

Cumberland school administrators channel Backstreet Boys in snow day video

Backstreet is back, alright.

Administrators at the Cumberland School District in Wisconsin channeled their inner Backstreet Boys in a video announcing the district’s snow day Thursday.

The Cumberland School District posted a video on YouTube Thursday of five administrators from the district who changed the Backstreet Boys song from “I Want it That Way” to “Today is a Snow Day.” One of the Backstreet Boys, AJ McLean, introduced the video.

Cumberland High School principal Ritchie Narges, who is one of the performers in the video, described the story behind the adaptation in a Facebook post.

Narges said the idea for the video was sparked a couple years ago, when he realized the words of the song could be edited to make a snow day announcement. Narges said he had a connection to the Backstreet Boys through a friend from college and was able to involve McLean.

The video was a team effort, according to Narges. Janet Holdt, the Cumberland choir teacher, worked to adapt the song. In addition to the four men dancing and singing in front of the camera, a fifth administrator appeared in the video as the Beaver’s mascot.

Several students also made the video possible. Several choir students wrote the lyrics and one student directed the video.

Cumberland School District&039;s “Today is a Snow Day” video is going viral! Here&039;s a note from Cumberland High School…

Posted by Cumberland School District on Thursday, January 11, 2018