Culver’s to bring back the CurderBurger next week

MADISON, Wis. — One year after it caused a statewide frenzy, the CurderBurger is returning to Culver’s.

The burger will be back on the restaurant chain’s menus starting October 12, and this year customers will have more time to get a taste. Instead of a one-day event, the CurderBurger will be available through the end of the month.

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The special burger was born from an April Fool’s Day joke. People liked the idea so much that an online petition circulated online, with thousands of people asking that the fictional food become a reality.

On October 15 last year, National Cheese Curd Day, Culver’s made those people’s dreams come true. The burger was available for one day only, prompting long lines at restaurants across Wisconsin. Locations across the Madison area ran out of the item due to high demand.

The event resulted in record sales for many Culver’s locations nationwide. About 20% of the chain’s restaurants set a new single-day sales record, after 136,000 CurderBurgers were sold.

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Demand for the burger grew so large that some savvy entrepreneurs tried to make a quick buck by selling the meal online. One listing on Facebook Marketplace put the price tag at $100.

The CurderBurger is made the same way as Culver’s Butter Burger Deluxe burger, but with a big cheese curd on top.